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WPDDA6505 Wafer Probing Device Dynamics Analyzer.jpg
WPDDA6505 Wafer Probing Device Dynamics Analyzer
The Fist-ever! Innovative technology for wafer-level GaN HV+HP dynamical measurement.
One positioner occupied only on Semi-Auto or Manual station.
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DDRA8010 Device Dynamic Reliability Analyzer
We all know that currently there is no commercial solution for dynamic characterization of GaN.Our Dynamic characterization means to extract device parameters under switching operation (ex. 100kHz, 20% duty continuously) instead of static or multi-pulse.We will provide 1st total solution for dynamic reliability of GaN
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DSA1010 Device Statics Analyzer
The DSA1010 Device Statics Analyzer can help developer to improve components, and it could also correctly evaluate the power loss and aging rate of components.
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DDA8010 GaN Device Dynamics Analyzer
Do you know how to measure dynamic Rdson, dynamic Vth from trapping effect of GaN? In the face of high-voltage and high-current Dynamic testing requirements, we provided Device Dynamics Analyzer to solve the difficulty of dynamic analysis under programmable switching condition.


Semiconductor Equipment
1. Device Dynamics Analyzer
2. Device Dynamic Reliability Analyzer
3. Wafer Probing Device Dynamics Analyzer
4. Device Statics Analyzer
Device Characterization Service Package
1. Basic Dynamics Package
2. Advanced Dynamics Package
3. Basic Dynamic Reliability Package
4. Advanced Dynamic Reliability Package